Aquature Company

We build on over a decade of hands-on experience on Bio-electrochemical wastewater treatment to roll out cutting-edge innovation.

Our solutions use the combination of microorganisms and renewable electricity to simultaneously remove pollutants and mine resources from wastewater. This allows us to help businesses transition into sustainable wastewater treatment, carbon-neutral fuels, and green chemicals. 

Our Solution

Reduce wastewater management costs,
Produce green chemicals.

Food & Beverage

We reduce your trade effluent costs and eliminate wastewater hauling.


Remove hydrocarbons and produce green hydrogen to help you achieve net zero goals.


Reduce Greenhouse Gas emissions and lower carbon, nitrogen and phosphate footprint.

Pulp & Paper

Save costs by managing wastewater downstream while generating cheap, green energy upstream.

Success Stories

Lower Wastewater Management costs by up to

Hydrogen production efficiency obtained

Decrease size compared to conventional systems by

Reduce scope 1, 2 and 3 Greenhouse Gas Emissions (t CO2 / t H2)

Meet the Team

Our sector experts build on experiences in several fields of expertise relevant to the deployment of wastewater treatment and green energy

Bjoern Pietruschka

Managing Director

Bjoern is a Biotech Engineer with over 15 years of professional experience in the water sector before joining Aquature. 

He started and managed several Research facilities before launching ventures and also served as a member of corporate executive committees advising on large renewable energy and water projects in Southern Africa.

At Aquature, he drives the client focused business to help industries transition towards a NetZero future.

Steffen Georg

Founder & Chief Technology Officer

Steffen has worked with bio-electrochemical systems and biotechnology as a researcher and engineer in several academic settings (TU Munich, Wageningen UR, Wetsus) prior to founding Aquature.

During his PhD, he worked on cutting edge ammonia recovery tech based on microbial electrolysis that removes almost 100% of ammonia from highly concentrated wastewaters at Wageningen UR and Wetsus.

At Aquature, he continues to develop bio-energy processes and to help customers discover the value in their wastewaters and achieve the green energy transition.

Ahmed Ismail

Founder & Director of Customer Development

Ahmed managed multi-million dollar projects at major market players in the renewable energy sector before joining Deep Science Ventures.

He lead opportunity analysis in alternative fuels and chemicals at DSV and mapped out out key constraints holding back innovation in the Carbon Neutral Fuel space (across tech, market and funding realms).

Together with Ahmed, we identified key areas of expertise and resources that need to be brought together to create clean fuels from wastewater.

This is how we do it

Aquature designs, owns, installs and operates your wastewater treatment system with no upfront capital investment. You only pay a service charge per cubic metre of wastewater treated and for the green chemicals you want to recirculate and use in your process.

Our turnkey solution can be deployed on site as a stand-alone facility or connected to the sewer system

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