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We offer a one-stop-shop to treat industrial wastewater, recover resources and produce hydrogen as well as other carbon-neutral fuels and green chemicals

Our Technology

Bio-Electric Refinery

Our modular wastewater treatment technology converts the chemical energy contained in wastewater into green hydrogen and green chemicals while removing 10 tons of CO2 per ton Hydrogen produced.

We use renewable electricity to produce green hydrogen at more than 85% energetic conversion efficiency. The carbon removed from wastewater can either be directly re-used as CO2 or upgraded into Carbon Neutral Fuel to generate additional value. The treated water leaving our process as effluent can be used as process water. This enables our customers to achieve full circularity and obtain all benefits from their water resources.

Our Offer

Energy Production

The hydrogen produced can be utilized for heat generation, fuel for gas-powered vehicles, or converted into electricity. The net result is a reduction in your natural gas usage and operational carbon footprint.

Water Reuse

Our technology processes wastewater into clean, non-potable water. The water meets sustainability standards for discharge, and can even be upgraded with further treatment to increase reuse possibilities in your manufacturing process.

Green Chemicals

We capture, purify, and utilised the carbon dioxide produced during the wastewater treatment. You can use the pure carbon dioxide stream within your industrial processes or we can make it react with hydrogen and provide you with acetic acid or methanol within your industrial processes, or we upgrade it and provide you with carbon neutral fuels, such as acetic acid or methanol.

Remote operation

Our IoT and AI software can remotely feed and control the operation of your water treatment system. Our software enables real-time visibility of the system performance, energy production, environmental metrics, and maintenance information. No need for an additional workload.

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